Blog roll

I have a huge list of blogs I like, so I am going to start transferring them here bit by bit. I am writing a little blurb about each blog therefore, I`m going to add at least one blog to the list daily, hopefully more so I can get the whole thing transferred fast. This has been on my To do list for too long!

Absolutely Beautiful Things - Anna`s blog always puts a smile on my face - from the pretty colours infused in her posts, to the way it reminds me to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Amourette - you will get finger cramps from scrolling thru all the fantastic designer fashion, art & everything in between. 

Amy Atlas - I want to go to a party where they have one of Amy`s dessert tables. It won`t be pretty - I`ll be that guest who piles her plate with one of everything. Maybe it`s a good thing I can only see Amy`s designs online or in her inspiring book!

Bakerella - the Queen of cake pops. She turned cake on a stick into an art form and taught Martha Stewart a new dessert idea.

Bent Objects - the funny scenes Terry Border creates with snacks & wire are amazing. I'm always hoping I'll find one he leaves on the street. Here's just a few of my favorites: 1,2,3,4,5.

Book of Joe - he may put people to sleep in his real job as an anesthesiologist but on his blog he cracks you up with his funny comments and cool finds.

Bright Bazaar - I thought I loved colour till I saw Will's blog. Boy, does he love colour! He says beige is boring, I disagree! You can't help but feel happy after one of his colour packed post.

Camille Styles - Camille`s style, posts & events look effortlessly chic. Plus you`ve just got to love her pretty name.

Cococozy - written by Coco, a Hollywood exec, she blogs about decor & runs a home furnishings business on the side. It`s always fun to read her posts ps`s where she talks about her fab social life.

Coco + Kelley - Cassandra LaValle's blog has a great mix of yummy food&fashion, fab decor & fun party ideas - it's like one stop shopping, you get a taste of all the good stuff.

Cupcakes and Cashmere - Emily is a fashionista, Martha Stewart & budding author (check out her book!) all rolled up into one. I read her blog daily for her original posts.

Crystal Gentilello - you must recognize her name. If you loved her former blog Plush Palate, then you will definitely want to bookmark this, her new blog. While I eagerly await the latest edition of rue magazine, I keep my impatience in check by reading her great blog & always hope for a little sneak peek!

Dallas Shaw - I dream of one day getting a custom illustration done by her. They are simply beautiful. So is her blog.

Decorno - Crack up laughing and check out decor at the same time. My kinda blog. Nuf said.

Desire to Inspire - you know I love Jo & Kim`s blog (I talk about it in my about page) so if you`ve never been please check out their great design blog.

Design Darling - if you`re a preppy prepster then Mackenzie`s blog is a must for you. I like checking for updates to her 101 things in 1001 days list, it`s kinda like a current version of a bucket list.

Everything fabulous - the name of Sasha`s blog pretty much sums up everything about her blog. It`s fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!  Update: Her blog hasn`t been updated since April 2012, but don`t let that stop you from enjoying the archives.

From me to you - stop reading this and open this blog (well, in another window of course) you have to see this. Some of the photos move! Not move like a video, but picture a photo, everything is still but the model's hair is moving or the guy's lapel is fluttering in the wind. Not all posts are movers (the technical term is "Cinemagraphs"), so scroll slowly, you'll find them (here's one). Oooo I want to learn how to do this so badly!


Hostess with the Mostess - want to throwing a different themed party every day for the rest of your life? Well you won't run out of fun party ideas if you visit this great blog & shop.

House of Turquoise - where I go to get my turquoise fix. Once you visit Erin`s blog you will be spotting splashes of turquoise everywhere you go.


Janet Charlton's Hollywood - the perfect bite size piece of juicy, original Hollywood gossip. Oh the stories that Janet must have! I definitely would want to be seated next to her at a dinner party!

Jax does design - Kelly was the 1st blogger to ever include me in her blog roll & I didn't even have to ask! So I love her for that. I also love all the tasty treats, diy projects and decor ideas you get from reading her blog.


La Dolce Vita - Another one of my first blog reads. I have loved watching Paloma grow her blog from a side project to an online magazine to a full time job & then to a complete career change. Her blog is inspiring and so is her story.

Lime in the Coconut - palm trees, beaches, beachy decor, it`s all just a click away. This blog gives me a glimpse of what it would be like to live in a tropical destination. Ahhh, one day.

Made By Girl - Jen`s is one of the first blogs I started to read regularly & still do today. She also has 2 great online shops (1, 2) where you`ll find her famous LOVE poster and paintings.

Maison21 - Christian May`s got an eye for decor & seems like fun to hang out with. I bet he keeps his clients entertained. Be sure to read his quotes in the sidebars of his blog.

Mrs.Lilien - I predict that one day her blog posts will be turned into chic glossy posters & scented coffee table books that will sell out even before they hit the shelves of the future Mrs.Lilien Worldwide shops! Mark my words peeps!


Oh Joy! - pretty much every time I visit Oh Joy! I say Oh Yum! Joy has a nack for finding the tastiest & uniquest snacks, but that`s not all she serves up so go check her out.

Paris Apartment - I was so addicted to Claudia`s blog that I would stay up reading it till 3-4am, she has such amazing photos from Paris you will want to hop on a plane asap!

Paris Breakfast - such a fun blog, you will be addicted to her miniature paintings, bear adventures and Parisienne pastry photos, can't even remember when I started reading her blog it's been so long. 

Peppermint Bliss - I love Bailey`s fun loving, cheerful & colourful interior designs. Her whimsical style makes me imagine that she is the long lost little sister of Jonathan Adler.

Post Secret - I used to read this blog every weekend, then somehow forgot about it. It is an institution of the net and probably some postman`s full time job carrying all those postcards.



Share some candy - I love to look at cool packaging design. I can sit for hours and hours just flipping thru designs, give me a bowl of ice cream or a box of ritz or both and I'm content. You'll find tons of great design on this blog.

Spoon Fork Bacon - such delicious recipe photos, you have to stop yourself from biting the screen.

The Adventures of Tartanscot - I've never been mad for plaid, but after reading Scot's blog I needed to add some to my wardrobe, plus share his fun men's fashion finds with my husband. Scot worked with Ralph Lauren for 15 years & now has his own interior design firm so you just know that he's a man of style.

The Decorista - I first started reading Ashlina`s blog when she worked in an art gallery, since then she`s moved to NYC and is building up an interior design business. I love reading her blog every day to see what design is inspiring her.

The Enchanted Home - I quickly became enchanted by Tina`s blog. We get to peak inside the building of her dream home - a huge chateau. It took over 5 hours just to partly install her staircase! So you know I had to go back to see more!

The Talks - Awesome interview site. Features artists from Michael Caine to Tom Ford. Great line from Michael Caine`s interview: Q-How do you feel about getting older? A - "Compared to the alternative it is fantastic."

The Zhush - I really wanted to put Sue's blog under the letter Z so I could actually have a blog listed there! Her 'Random Chanel Item' posts are a favorite of mine. Who knew there were so many funky Chanel products out there. Also, if you love unique items check out her fab shop, you'll want everything, start shopping here.

This is Glamorous - even the little bows seperating the posts are glamorous, so you can just imagine how glamorous the posts are. Like me, you will visit Roséline`s blog again & again.