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So you're curious to find out a little about me...

Well let's start at the beginning, when I was born I weighed in at...
Wait, what?! You don't want to know THAT much. Ok, ok, that's fine with
me too. Like Coco from the great blog Cococozy, I go by my nickname
because I like to keep my work life and blog life separate.

I started this blog because I love reading design and fashion and food and
entertainment and business blogs to name a few! I always wanted to write my
own blog. I started a blog twice before, but I never even wrote ONE post on those
blogs because I could not get the blogs to look as pretty as I wanted them too. Oh boy
were they UGLY! The little perfectionist in me didn't want to use a standard blog template, I though no, I will design my very own unique blog design. But Mikky, you know nothing about
web design!?! I said to myself, "How hard can it be? I will teach myself, this will be fun". Famous last words... Many hours and months later, I had a half done blog design. It was hands down the ugliest blog design I had ever seen, I say that with love. Then zoom ahead a few years, for my second attempt at designing a blog. btw, it`s not necessarily true what they say about people getting wiser as they get older. For once again I decided to build my own blog, but this time I thought I was being super smart. I decided that I would use Perez Hilton's blog as my design template. I figured since his blog was so popular why not make a similar look. So I chose pink as my main colour, which was nice, but then I added in purple frames (I'm no dummy, I didn't want to get sued by Perez for copying his design. Was I a big dreamer or what?!) and I selected this cheesy font and using my long forgotten html skills, the crappy notes I had taken in the past, an html for dummies book and a professional html book, many more hours and months passed till FINALLY the blog was also partly done. I am happy to say that that blog was probably the second ugliest blog ever put on the web. The first obviously being my first blog, may it rest in pieces. So I improved a bit. But not enough to actually want to use the blog. So in the garbage it too went. Not wanting to devote more hours to a fruitless project, I decided if I wanted to use up that much time lying on my couch eating popcorn I could do it by re-watching my collection of Sex and the City dvds instead. So I never did start a blog. I got the urge to blog again when I started looking for chic bathrooms and had amassed a bunch of pics that I wanted to share. So here I am finally blogging. This time I used Blogger and switched up the template myself a little bit, it doesn't look perfect, but I'm happy enough with the look for now to actually write posts and I really don't think it is the third ugliest blog in the world. I don't want to hog the podium. I'll leave the bronze medal for someone else.

A few more things you might find interesting if you've read this far...

How I came up with the idea to do "what is it?" posts - I've been reading this site called
Book of Joe for years and he does these what is it? posts for cool stuff and I always was blown away by what he found. When I started my blog I wanted to do the same thing but for bathroom stuff. So thanks Joe and your crack research team for inspiring me with your cool finds.

How I came up with pets & tots in tubs, another borrowed genius idea. I love cute overload and Icanhascheezburger they were some of the first blogs I ever visited. I also love Desire to Inspire, I actually got my husband hooked on this site too. Anyways, I cannot resist cute animal photos and Desire's posts of pets on furniture are too sweet. I can't tell you how many times I was frustrated at work and looking at these sites put a smile on my face. But only for a minute then it was back to work, this girl's no slacker! Anyways, to me there is nothing cuter than a wet pet. You know someone is pure evil if their heart doesn't melt when they see a dog in the tub with his eyes bulging and licking his nose. So thank you to all these great sites for all the cutie pie pics and inspiration. I hope I can do the same for someone else. (If you want to submit a photo of your sweetie pie pets or cutie tots in the washroom email me here: mikky@todaloos.com . Please do email me, I`d love to see your pics.)

How I came up with the idea for the celebrity bathrooms series: I'm nosy.

If you are a celebrity and have a washroom or twenty of them, please have your people get in touch with my people (uhmm, well technically me) so I can feature your overpriced bathrooms. Seriously, I'd love to see them. Do it to make other celebs jealous. Email me here: mikky@todaloos.com

If you are not a celebrity and think you should be one or are on a reality tv show (joke! I know you poor reality peeps hear this joke a lot) or are just a regular peep like me, and want me to feature your bathroom because it is great, please also email me here: mikky@todaloos.com

An apology: I apologize in advance for all my potentially missed attempts at humor and for my run on sentences, I try to add in enough commas so you don't run out of air.

I know this is a blog about bathrooms but...please do not send me shitty photos, and when I say shitty photos I really mean that I do not want to see photos of your #1's & #2's. Send those to your grandma, she can tell you what's wrong. Hey, no don't send those to her either, show a little respect!

Thanks for taking the time to read a little bit about me and thanks for visiting my blog. Please come back often.

Have a fab day.

xxo mikky

Question you might have: why I don't have a list of blogs I like on my blog.
Answer: because I never want you to leave my blog. No, nothing psycho like that. Here's the real story: since I like so many blogs, I want to make a special page listing them. I just haven't gotten around to doing it yet, but I will soon, promise. And I do mean it. UPDATE: I finally started it! I wanted to also include the automatic update of their latest posts, but for some reason you can't do that on a separate page in Blogger, but I didn't want to wait any longer so it is a start!

Ok get outta here. Kisses!!! and one little hug and that's it. :)))

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