Tub with a view: Zen bathroom


What a gorgeous zen style bathroom. Who wouldn't love a tub like this, where
you can step out of your tub and dive into your swimming pool. HEAVEN!
I like the nice touch of texture from the circle of white pebbles. This detail really
adds a lot to the bathroom.
If this were your bathroom, would you have put the tub on a pedestal like they
did or would you have had pebbles under the tub too?
image via: unknown


Triple Crème Decadence said...

I love the bathrooms you share on your blog. This is zen, calming, and beautiful! I love that the tub is placed on a pedestal. The pebbles are so cool, I've never seen such a thing in a bathroom!

mikky said...

Wow thanks TCD!
You made my day.:) :)