Tub with a view: Hilly, hilly, hilly

Don't think I've done a tub with a view with a view like this before. Last week I was watching golf with my husband and the scenery looked a lot like this. I can imagine lying in this tub and spotting wild animals running thru the landscape, not a bad view at all. The glass railing balcony is hardly noticeable and doesn't obstruct the view at all, plus there's so much light in this bathroom with those huge sliding doors and half wall of windows above the tub, maybe, just maybe this bathroom could turn me into a morning person. I know I'd be drinking my morning smoothie leaning on the balcony that's for sure.
image via: unknown


Triple Crème Decadence said...

Wow. This is stunning. And that view! I don't think I could ever leave the bathtub! I love how this bathroom is so open and filled with light. My bathroom has no windows at all, so this is like a dream bathroom to me. :)

mikky said...


My last bathroom didn't have windows either. At least you never have to worry about closing the blinds!

Would love to have these many windows too, but I'd want a remote control blind opener and closer so I could just flick down the blinds in the morning!