Tub base Tuesday: See thru tub

Clearly this is an original bathtub!
It would be fun to fill this tub with bottles of champagne like Kevin Sharkey did in
his bathroom (here) or float flowers in it or dare we wash it really, really well and
fill it with layers of different flavors of jello?
What would you fill this tub with for fun?
images via: imgur


K&B by the Sea said...

Oh, that's really cool! It would be fun to fill it with jelly beans and then have people guess how many jelly beans are in the tub :-)

mikky said...

Hahaha...Kelly, you are too funny! I was just at a babyshower the other weekend and there was a jellybean jar guessing game, the total was 900 & something, I can only imagine how many it would take to fill the tub!

Have a great day!