Tub base Tuesday: Pimp my tub

If they were pimping out tubs on the Pimp my Ride show, it would look like
this. Ok, it would need a few additional features to be pimp worthy.
Namely, it would need:
some flames
some sound
some tech
a wild color
mirrors, mirrors, mirrors!
. So to turn this tub into the complete pimped out package, we'd have to add:
 A fireplace to the wall,
A flat screen tv dropping down from the ceiling so both
bathers can watch with their heads comfortably lying on those sweet head rests.
If there are some water proof gaming controls we could throw those in
too. How fun would it be to play video games in the tub?
Plus we need some surround sound and some mood lighting, however I do
see that this tub has the chromo feature so that the water can change colors.
While we're at it a mini fridge would be nice, cause who'd want to get out of this tub! Ok, enough pimping the tub for the day.This definitely would be one party tub! 
image via: unknown

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