Press for ...

Saw these cute little frames and thought the idea would be fun to do in a guest bath. I've photoshopped my own little version. It's the last sign in this post.


Here's my design for a sign to put in a guest bath above the bathtub:
And I'd create a cute little "Sorry, temporarily out of order" sign to hang on it. I'd probably put a pretty little ribbon or nice black cord to hang it off the corner of the frame. A bit like this, but more ritzy..


Triple Crème Decadence said...

What a sweet idea. Your bubbles one is just perfect! I'd like to make a "press for cheese" one. ;)

mikky said...

Hahaha TCD you crack me up! I don't think I know anyone who loves cheese as much as you! I picture points of brie and round circles of camembert cheese falling to the floor.