Patchwork tile bathroom floors

Last week we looked at patchwork pattern tiles on the walls (you can check out that post here), this week I thought we'd check out some bathrooms with patchwork floor tiles. It's a really great look.
My favorite combination is still modern details paired with patchwork tiles. I find the modern details keep the look very fresh and the patterned tiles add alot of personality. This next bathroom is a perfect example of that look. The all black bathroom with the gold lighting and that amazing black tub looks so masculine and chic, then Pow! You look at the floor and say Wow, now this is original!
The details in this next bathroom are sensational. Look at that sink, that tub, now that floor! I love the soft color combination of these gorgeous tiles:
Now for something more rustic:
These tiles even work for a very elegant bathroom:
And some more great pattern tiled floors:
 Starting to get into patchwork tiles too? To see more check out this post:


Triple Crème Decadence said...

What a great way to brighten up a bathroom! Instead of relying on paint to bring color to a space, you can introduce color with these tiles. It's truly a work of art and I love the modern details. I'm all about geometric patterns!

mikky said...


Couldn't agree more. They definitely brighten up the bathroom and add a lot of uniqueness.