Mix matched patchwork pattern tile bathrooms

A few days ago I shared some photos I took of mixed pattern tiles (in this post: here), well today I thought we could look at a few bathrooms that use these style tiles. I think they are pretty fab.
These bathrooms are really one of a kind and make a bold statement. Plus, there's no need for magazines since there's so much to look at ;)
Very rustic, Tuscan vibe to the next bathroom:
Now you could go balls to the walls and tile the entire bathroom in mixed
pattern tiles like this:
Or you could just get a free sample from every tile store you go to and do a
freebie backsplash for your sink like this:
Patchwork pattern tiles also look great in more modern bathrooms like these:
I love the color combination of the tiles and the modern vanity above. I think I'd change the mirror thought, I'd go with a bigger one and something more modern, probably with a white or silver frame instead of this natural wood frame.
I think this bathroom is the perfect blend of minimalist and patchwork tiles. I love how the rest of the bathroom is white, white, white and the super modern faucets are a great contrast to the hodge podge tiles on the feature wall.
If you're loving the look of patchwork tiles, but want something more subtle, more neutral, then why not go for a mix match of all white or white and cream patchwork tiles like these:
Looking at all these patchwork tiles reminds me of when I was a kid and my Mom took up quilting. A lot of the patterns her and her friends did in their little quilt club would have made some pretty nice patchwork patterns for the bathroom. Not that they made to many quilts though, I think they spent most of the time chit chatting, gossiping, drinking tea and eating tasty little cakes!

Btw, if you want to check out the patchwork tiles I saw
this weekend, check out this post:

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