Flower power: The prettiest flower mosaic tiles

Sorry for the late posting of this post, it was meant for Monday, but I have been having problems with Blogger, almost every time I went to upload a photo my file of photos became unresponsive, the screen went black and I got booted out of my post. It got to the point where the computer popped up a message saying it was shutting down the site because it was having too many problems! Has anyone had this happen to them or know how to fix it? It's still happening, but I'm still going to try to write my posts and google a solution, so there may still be more delays in my posting.

I've been a bit under the weather this past weekend, was a shame because the sun was blazing and I was dying to go outside and enjoy it, but my body said otherwise. So in the house I stayed all weekend. I had planned to go do a bit of shopping and some tile scouting. Previously I mentioned I was looking for some clear glass tiles to put on a shower ceiling, but after I saw a bunch I realized they just wouldn't work, that they'd make the ceiling look like it belonged in a hospital. Not the look we're going for! Instead the look we're going for is something soft, a bit romantic, timeless and subtle but still fresh and chic. Oh and it has to blend, I don't want it to shout out when you walk in the bathroom, I want it to match with the ceiling and be a detail that you notice afterwards. I want it to be like when you step into a beautiful Parisian room and you notice the pretty molding details on the ceiling but they don't grab your attention they just elevate the overall feeling of the room. Tall order, but then I remembered a tile I had seen online and always go back to look at because I find it so pretty. Why I didn't think of these before I don't know, because originally, I wanted to put a floral design tile on the shower floor but couldn't find one that was right.
So now I need to find a showroom near me that stocks the New Ravenna, Jacqueline beauties. Cross your fingers for me that they aren't insanely expensive and that they work perfectly. I want to get this creamy version of the floral mosaic:

This red and green floral pattern is nice too, they make me think of European needlework and Prussian dolls for some reason.

I had one more photo to put here, but Blogger keeps having problems, I've tried 10 times now and am giving up! Ack, hate computer problems!!!

Jacqueline, a jewel glass waterjet mosaic shown in Ruby, Sardonyx, Citrine, Olivine and Malachite
I think they should come out with a version where the flowers are in
different shades of pink and maybe also lilac purples.

This color pink for the petals combined with a white center and white
leaves would be gorgeous.


Which is your favorite combinations?
images via: new Ravenna


Triple Crème Decadence said...

I am crossing my fingers for you! I do hope blogger doesn't give you anymore problems. And I hope you get better soon!
Thank you for sharing this post despite the difficulties. Very beautiful tiles!

mikky said...

Thanks so much TCD! So sweet of you. :) :)
Blogger seems to be working better thanks, for crossing your fingers, it helped!