Celebs in tubs: Lindsay Lohan

Have you watched Oprah's reality series starring Lindsay Lohan? When I first heard about the reality show I was disappointed. I thought, what is going on here. Why does it seem that the more people mess up their lives, the more they are showered (no pun intended this being a bathroom design blog and all) with opportunities. Why oh why is it that the people who try to get ahead in life by working hard are usually the ones that get stepped on by the greedy, back stabbing peeps & that the people who mess up their lives and do tons of crap, that they knew was wrong from the get go, get second chances handed to them on a silver platter? It just doesn't seem fair. We all know that life isn't really fair, but sometimes you think to yourself, Wow, if I was just a bit cuter, came out with a sex tape, walked around drinking in the middle of the afternoon, said mean and hurtful stuff to other people I might be able to pull in $250k plus sponsorship from a reality show. Why did I go to school and get a big education and their collection of handbags cost more than what I make in a year? What a world we live in I tell you!
Ok, enough of my ranting. I did think Lindsay Lohan was a good little actress in the day. I think she should aim for some small roles in mainstream movies, a role like Tom Cruise's Les Grossman character in Tropical Thunder could help to get her back on the map. Focus on that for a year or two to get the public back on her side. And see if she could get a  role as a cartoon character. She's got a good voice, I think she'd do well in an animated series. I do wish her the best of luck, it's just annoying that's all.
You can check out the trailer to her reality series Lindsay here.

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