Another great bathroom, Pistachio color vanity

I am so happy spring is just around the corner. I can't wait for the warm weather, so today I thought I'd feature a nice little bathroom that just feels fresh and lively.
I absolutely love the color of this vanity. The pistachio green color is very fresh and clean looking. For some reason it makes me think of the cleaning gel that my dentist uses, not that that's a bad thing! Love getting my teeth all sparkly white. This bathroom has that super clean feeling, that feeling you have when you step out of the dentist office and run your tongue across your teeth and marvel at how good they feel.

A few weeks ago I featured another bathroom by the same designers of this bathroom. It too had a fantastic squeaky clean fresh look and feel. In that post I broke down all the details I thought contributed to the squeaky clean look. This bathroom has a lot of the same great details that the other bathroom did, so I won't do a step by step analysis as I'd be repeating alot of the same stuff, so if you're interested please go check out
this post:

A great contemporary family bathroom


To check out the other fresh and clean bathroom click here.

images via: 2idinteriors

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