50 healthy habits every girl should have

I popped on Pinterest last night and saw this list. Thought it was pretty good so I wanted to share it. I googled #42 because I didn't know why you'd do that. Here's the reason they say you should consider drinking liquid chlorophyll:
'Easily digestible, liquid chlorophyll is rich in calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, selenium, zinc and potassium and also contains vitamins A, C and E. Considered a whole food, liquid chlorophyll purifies the blood and removes toxins from the digestive system." The list of benefits goes on so I've included the link to the full slideshow bellow.
Recommended Dosage
"Taking liquid chlorophyll on an empty stomach is recommended so that assimilation isn’t slowed down by other foods. Overdosing on liquid chlorophyll isn’t possible since it is essentially, a vegetable. Nevertheless, adding 1-3 tablespoons of liquid chlorophyll to one glass of water or juice is recommended."
What's it made out of:
"Liquid chlorophyll which is sold in health food stores is either extracted from alfalfa, algae, spirulina, wheatgrass or barley grass. Known as “green drinks,” fresh juices which are made from a combination of these sources cleanse the body of pollutants, provide quick energy and have an overall rejuvenating effect on the body."
To read the rest go here:
Also read this article, especially the last paragraph:
There's also this article, I have to read, I'm linking it here so I go back to it and
if you want to check it out too:
Here's another version of the 50 list with little explanations for each, here however,
some are in the wrong order, the little write up on chlorophyll is #24 even though it's still  #42 on the list.


Triple Crème Decadence said...

Great tips, thank you for sharing!

I've been hearing the many benefits of drinking warm lemon water.
And I can agree with tip #13. Every time I'm grocery shopping at Target, I'll get a snack or a sugary drink at Starbucks!

mikky said...


Warm lemon water is great, one of my closest friends has been drinking it since college, I do it ever now and again but am trying to really stick with it this year.
Totally agree with you on #13, I always end up buying way more stuff if I haven't eaten, especially from the cookie aisle and pastry displays!

Unknown said...

LOVE this list!! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

mikky said...

Me too Jillian!