White tub shelving styles

Today I thought we'd look at a handy, rarely used space in the bathroom, the spot right behind the bathtub. It's a great out of the way place to add some much needed storage & a few decorative accents. I've pulled together a bunch of photos of white shelving styles that are all slightly different from each other. I tend to prefer white shelving over dark wood shelving in small and medium size bathrooms for the fact that it doesn't shrink the room as much.
I really like when shells, pretty vases and bottles are mixed in with the towels. A big trend I'm seeing a lot in bathrooms is people adding picture frames with family photos in them. It helps to make the bathrooms feel more like any other room in the house. When I see this trend in magazines & online I'm drawn to it (I think it's because I want to see who the people who have their photos in the bathroom are), but in real life I'm still on the fence about adding framed photos to my own bathrooms. I'm not sure if it would feel a little weird walking into a bathroom and seeing a wall of frames of someone's family. So far, I think I'd be ok with one or two little frames on a makeup station in a masterbath, that makes sense to me. Sitting putting on your makeup it could be nice to have some photos of loved ones around as you get ready for a big event. I can see having a pretty little framed photo next to the tub, maybe of some ancestors who inspire you. Otherwise, I rather not have photos. Bathrooms are often the place you go to get away from the world to clear you mind, in one way having photos of your loved ones can be soothing (unless they are the ones you need the break from, hence my saying have photos of dead relatives next to the tub is key), but I think sometimes you just need to have a place where you can be completely alone. Also, wouldn't you feel a bit weird sitting on the toilet with photos of people you know right in front of you? Perhaps this will cause less guys to pee standing up? I can just picture having dinner at a friends' house, going to use the bathroom, sitting on the toilet and on one of the walls is a nice professional family photo.  Or imagine you walked into the bathroom and hanging in there is a photo of you and your friend, how weird would that feel?! I think I would have to swipe my photo, sneak it into my bag and then burn that baby, no point in trying to windex that frame. I could see this being in an episode of Curb your Enthusiasm, Larry goes to use the bathroom and in there is a photo of him and his friend winning a golf tournament. He goes to take it down but earlier in the day he was pushed into buying and wearing a tight European dress shirt, so he has nowhere to hide the frame. So he tries to purposely spill something on himself, but they won't lend him a top. All night he's lying in bed picturing people going to the bathroom with his photo there, he can't sleep, so the next day he puts on his loose grey sweatshirt, drives his car, parks a block away and "jogs" to their house. He wraps the frame in a block of toilet paper and puts it under his sweatshirt. So then either he is klutzy like me and it falls and the expensive crystal frame will shatter pissing off his friends' wife or some of the toilet paper is sticking out and the wife pulls on it and the frame falls. And yada yada yada the rest of the show....I could keep writing but Ive probably gone on too long as it is!). I think it would make a hilarious episode. We'll see if this photo trend grown on me. I'm curious to know how other people feel about it.
 I couldn't resist including this fabulous marble shelving. It isn't in the same budget as the white shelves that's for sure, but it's just too spectacular not to include.
I couldn't find a white unit with closed cabinets, so I included this dark wood one to show you the option of adding multiple cabinet doors. These are perfect to store some things that you don't want displayed, like the 101 rolls of toilet paper you bought at Costco.
I like the closed cabinet style of this next one combined with the open shelves:
And here's a completely different take on built ins behind the tub. The rolled up towels look really cute. It would be a bit of a pain to put anything else in those long cubby holes though. The alternating different coloured towels is a fun idea.

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