Which looks better? Floor to ceiling mirrors or individual vanity mirrors?

I found 2 vanity set ups that are pretty similar so that we could compare
floor to ceiling mirrors vs. mirrors only above the vanity.
So here are our two contenders:
Night and day don't you think?
Doesn't the 2nd vanity area seem so much larger and look more dramatic?
Using floor to ceiling mirrors is a great trick to make a small bathroom feel larger, it's also great for a very dark bathroom, it makes if feel a lot brighter. And what a Wow factor it adds.

Tomorrow we'll be looking at a few more floor to ceiling mirrored bathrooms.
In the meantime, you can check out Kevin Sharkey's gorgeous floor to ceiling mirrored bathroom, I just love it. Wish it were my bathroom! (Especially for what he keeps in his shower!) You can check it out here:
images via: houzz, unknown

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