Tub base Tuesday: All around luxurious

Today my sweet tooth went a bit wild, I couldn't resist eating a few coconut macaroons. They were sitting on the kitchen counter and I could swear they kept screaming my name every time I walked in the kitchen. That's what happens when you work from home on a Tuesday, your sweet tooth starts going berserk! I followed those by a deliciously sweet, rich hot chocolate piled high with mini marshmallows, which I shamefully topped off a second time and nibbled on a few of the artisan chocolate my husband bought for Valentines day. So I thought it was only fitting that today's tub base Tuesday be as rich and decadent as my sweet treats today. 
This tub base is fit for a princess with its gorgeous marble and mosaic stairs. The round tub looks absolutely heavenly. As you know, I'm not a fan of tubs with staircases, far too dangerous when stepping out of with wet feet for klutzy me. Plus this is the type of tub you lay in for hours with beautiful bath oils, so for sure you are going to have mega slippery feet. Still, I can't resist that beautiful mosaic wall and all this delicious marble and that round tub! It's just a killer combination.
image via: unknown


Triple Crème Decadence said...

My sweet tooth has been pretty wild as well! Yesterday I ate a ton of frozen yogurt and piled on the sugary toppings.

This tub is truly decadent. The combination of marble and mosaic is exquisite!

mikky said...


Sounds delicious! Makes me want to go eat something else sweet! Love your hat btw.