Room steals: Pink bathroom vanity inspirations

I saw the above photo and just freaked. Now this color combo, I'm talking about the amazing combo of the pink cabinets, light grey counter tops, silver faucet and matte black subway tiles. Mmmmm, this combo is just delicious. It would look killer in a bathroom with a big round mirror with a thin silver trim (still obsessing about big round mirrors as you can see...if you missed my posts raving about them, go here & here. Plus there will prob be more to come!)
K, back to the fabulousness that is above.
I think the pink cabinets are balanced out perfectly by the matte black tiles so if you used this pairing in a bathroom you would have an ultra chic fem-masc. (new word I just coined - for feminine & masculine design) that would work beautifully for a well dressed NYC couple. Agree/disagree?
This photo got me hunting to find some other pink vanity alternatives.
Here's 2 very different styles I think could work nicely in the bathroom: 
This pink geometric table base would work wonderfully as a wash stand.
I'd probably want to go with a white and grey marble countertop and then add a clean lined modern white vessel sink on top of it. To add a little Ooomph, I might go with gold faucets and gold tone plumbing behind the geometric stand. I think this would make a really stunning bathroom vanity.

The first two "vanities" have a modern feel, this one is more sweet and contemporary. I love the simple lines and pairing of the white drawers with the pink trim. This would be perfect for a girly girl's bathroom. To turn it into a vanity, I'd add a slab of solid white Ceasarstone and again  I'd go with a white vessel sink. However, a clear glass one would also be stunning. If you wanted to go a bit over the top a shell encrusted sink could work. A while ago I posted an absolutely stunning shell sink that would add some serious glam to this vanity.
 (here is the post with that gorgeous shell sink:
Decorating with shells in your washroom (part 2))
Now if you are going to go all out, over the top,  Miami style, why not add some glass palm leaf ceiling lighting and the room would have a very Lilly Pulitzer vibe.
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