Pretty art and the white bathroom

The sun is beating in through the windows today. It feels so good. It feels like a hot summer day, like you could slip on a pair of shorts, step outside and go eat fudgesicles sitting on the curb. I can't wait for summer. This sunshine just puts me in such a happy mood.
I have always loved the painting in the bedroom above. It just looks so vibrant and full of life. The colours are incredible. I wish I knew who painted it.  I think it would look absolutely stunning in this bathroom:
This is my kind of all white washroom. It's not too stark and feels fresh and inviting. Only change I'd make for my tastes, is to change the tub surround. Instead of white wood panels I'd rather have one large white glossy panel similar to the doors on the vanity. Something with a bit of shine. 
And of course, I  am loving the counter to ceiling mirror. I like how the mirror spans not just the vanity, but the entire wall. A nice touch is how they extended the vanity countertop and added the little marble shelving above the tub to store towels. Extending the countertop so the mirror is all one level was a fantastic idea. It adds a nice little detail. Notice, that it looks like they lined the back wall of the shelf in marble too, it makes it look that much more luxurious and it's such a small space, so it really wouldn't cost much.
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