Martha Stewart's heart shaped soap diy

Only a few days till Valentine's day! If you want to make something crafty for your loved ones, there's not much time left, but you're in luck, because these soaps can be whipped up pretty fast in just one evening.
Last year I borrowed Martha's big craft book from the library, and spotted these soaps. They are just adorable and perfect to add a little loving to the bathroom for Valentine's day. Flipping thru Martha's book I tore off so many little pieces of paper to put as bookmarks for all the great crafts I wanted to try.  I must have bookmarked 10-20 projects, everything from pretty paper flowers to glittery birds,and you know what happened? When the book came due (after renewing it twice) I hadn't even tried one craft! Oh, I'm horrible, I've done the same on Pinterest, I've pinned tons of cool looking diys but have I tried any of them? Nooooooo! This summer I will have to try to do a little craft.

I watched the video on how to make these heart shaped soaps, I couldn't believe
how easy they are to do!
Here's the instructions and ingredients list:
Here's the step by step video on how to make the Valentines heart soaps:

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