Kelly Wearstler and West Elm

Remember the new metal oval mirror at West Elm I talked about in this post (here)? Well, it kept nagging me, I kept thinking I had seen something like it used in a bathroom before. Then it hit me, of course, Kelly Wearstler's bathroom designs!
So if we turn the West Elm oval mirror on its side like this:  
Now let's compare it to the custom mirrors Kelly Wearstler used in her bathroom designs:
Let's step back and look at that bathroom again...
Now let's take a look at the mirrors she used in Cameron Diaz's bathroom...
The master bath is sheathed in glass tiles by Ann Sacks, the parchment-covered vanity and 
mirrors are custom made, and the sink and fittings are by Waterworks.
 There's one more amazing vanity photo, a dark vanity combined with oval mirrors that have a bronze metal edge, but I can't find it in my files. It's in there somewhere, when I eventually do find it (I just looked at it a few weeks ago and now I can't find it!) I'll post it.
Are we loving this West Elm oval mirror even more now?
Think Kelly will switch over to using West Elm mirrors?


Triple Crème Decadence said...

Loving these mirrors. Kelly Wearstler can do no wrong! How awesome is that vanity with all those knobs?

mikky said...

Completely agree with you TCD! Kelly Wearstler rocks, here designs are always so fun to look at. Bet Cameron Diaz can stay super organized with all those drawers in her vanity.

Have a great day,