It's all in the details: creamy and dreamy

I have always loved the color combination of white and creamy beige. I love it in outfits and in décor too. I think it is instantly elegantly chic and timeless. There is just something so feminine, relaxing and perfect about the color combo. 
Here are a few little details that have been wowing me lately:
This café latte marble is so perfect:

The style of the framing of this shelving is gorgeous and looks fantastic combined
with the beige and brown tiled wall:

How this creamy, dreamy beige and white small rectangular tiled
backsplash softens up the lines of the modern sink:
images via: wish I'd saved the sources but I didn't :(


Triple Crème Decadence said...

This is my favorite color combination! I love it with pops of coral and blush tones.

mikky said...


This is my absolute favorite color combo too! We have such great taste ;)