Gorgeous floor to ceiling mirrors behind the bathroom vanity

If there is one look I absolutely love, it's a gorgeous wall of mirrors, not that I can't get enough of looking at myself, I just think a floor to ceiling mirrored wall looks super chic. Any time I stop in a luxe hotel or elegant office buildings, more then half the time it has a beautiful wall of mirrors.
Now it's not just the mirrors that make it spectacular. They have to be combined with some gorgeous flooring. After all it's what's being reflected in the mirror that makes them so spectacular (again, not talking about looking at myself here ;) ). My favorite looks are when floor to ceiling mirrors are paired with gorgeous veined marble or creamy travertine. It's also nice if a few textured elements are brought in to juxtapose all the smooth surfaces. A large rock of fools gold, a giant shell placed near the mirrors or large palm leaf plants would all look fantastic and give a nice textured detail. Oh and don't forget some spectacular lighting, an incredible crystal chandelier will look twice as good!
Now what about the style of the mirror?
From one gigantic clear mirror, antiqued, to square panels, rectangular panels, beveled edges, tinted mirror, smoky, colored mirrors, there are so many options. I love a clean modern look, so standard mirror is what I'd go with, either one solid piece or made up of panels. I do love the look of the antique mirror in the first photo. The only think I'd change is I'd have had mirror put behind the washstand as well. What is really nice about that antiqued mirror is, as per the website, the outer panels are antiqued to a medium effect, leaving the inner panels clear to be used as a normal mirror." Nothing is worse then you have a gorgeous wall of mirrors in the bathroom, but you can't see yourself properly to check if you have anything stuck between your teeth!
images via: rupert bevan,dezeen, monocoat, other unknown

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