Family friendly masterbath & kids' bathroom

First I was drawn to these color coordinated bookshelves, then I got a peak at the bathrooms, they are nice simple contemporary designs. The master bath and kid's bath would be so perfect for one of my friends. She is a neat freak and has a son and daughter. I think these bathrooms would work so well for her busy, hectic life. The only change I'd make for her is to have his and her sinks so her and her husband don't drive each other mad getting ready in the mornings.

A few details I love in this bath:
- the towel bar placement on the half wall of the shower
- the open storage under the sink vanity for the towels
- the continuation of the same floor tile on the bathroom floor thru the shower
area. This little detail really helps to make the bathroom feel larger
- the grey stone bench in the shower
- that the trim of the mirror matches with all the dark grey stone
- oh, and I'd make one more tiny adjustment, add a hand shower for the
bathtub. It makes it so much easier to clean the tub it's absolutely worth the extra cost.

The kids' bathroom is just as bright and inviting. I don't think the kids will grow out of this one. My favorite detail is that perfect little white shelving in the shower area. The combination of the yellow and grey penny tiles, dark wood floating cabinets and the subway tiles give a bit of a retro vibe, but because the subway tiles are such a bright white it feels very fresh and up to date. As I'm typing this I just noticed in the reflection of the mirror that it looks like they painted the top 3rd  of the wall and maybe also the ceiling a lively light blue. Love that!

images via: hulburd design - Pacific Heights Residence 6


Anonymous said...

Hi Mikky,
For the Family Friendly masterbath; do you know the manufacturer of that great freestanding bathtub? Would love to know. Thanks! Heidi

mikky said...

Hi Heidi,

I don't know 100% what tub that it, but I think it is the OVE COLLECTION by Wet Style. Here is the link:

It is either the:
BOV 01-62
BOV 01-66
It's the same tub just 2 different sizes.

The Wet style tubs are very expensive, but are absolutely gorgeous, I've seen them in person. If you love sleek, modern, you'll love West Style products. The quality looks really good too.

However, be sure to lie in it before you buy it (or any tub for that matter). I've never tried out this tub, but I tried out another gorgeous, very expensive tub by another brand and it was soooo uncomfortable, even if they'd given it to me for free I wouldn't have wanted it!

Please let me know if you read this.

Sorry for the late reply, was on holiday and haven't been checking my messages!