White subway tiles with dark grout do we like it?

I was looking over one of my past posts where I compared white subway tiles with matching grout to subway tiles with dark grout and I realized that I didn't really do a great job on that post. I only posted 4 photos, 2 of each grout color, and for one of the dark grout photos, the grout wasn't really that dark (this is the post: here). So to make amends I thought I would do a post featuring 100% dark grout photos. I went a bit overboard, I had way too many photos for one post, so I've broken it down into 3 posts: 
White subway tiles with dark grout (today's post)
Square white tiles with dark grout (tomorrow's post)
and then we'll look at what's trending:
 What the designers like to pair with white subway tiles and dark grout with (Friday's post, with a very catchy title ;) !)
So either we will be completely sick of white tiles with dark grout or hopefully it will help you decide if you love the look or not. If you know that you hate the look, I'll still be doing other posts between these so it won't be a sea of white tiles, so do come back to visit!
Now let's get on with the show:
(Cole & Son Flamingo wallpaper Designer Wallpapers, Metro-style tilesTopps Tiles)
So do you like the dark grout?
Again, if you want to check out the original post, here it is:
(the photos of the bathrooms with all white tiles and white grout are very nice)
And come back later this week for more white tiles with dark grout looks.
images via: design sponge, est magazinephotopcoffee klatch, dustjacket attic, residence magazine, design-crisis, house to home, blackbirdstyle, design manifest

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