Tub base Tuesday: Small bathroom, marble undermount tub, big impact

This small bathroom has a lot of warmth. Now, they could have done the marble right down to the floor for the tub, we've seen that look tons of times (ex. here, here) it's definitely a favorite of mine, however, the added detail of the white baseboard is a nice touch. The baseboard dresses up the tub and helps to unify the space. Also, since there is less marble, they saved a few dollars on the marble too, we always love that! Great little design detail, this is one design to keep in mind if you want to create an elegant, classic looking tub. I could picture this bathroom in Washington DC, it makes me think of Abraham Lincoln for some reason.
A few other details I like about this bathroom are the gold faucets, the wood blinds and the great shelving next to the tub. Is there anything that stands out for you in this bathroom?

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