Tub base Tuesday: Simple wood surround design

This week's bathtub surround design makes me want to have a slice of Mile high apple pie. It's just a nice classic all American tub design so maybe that is why the tub has me thinking about apple pie. Or maybe I'm hungry cause I skipped lunch.
Doesn't that slice o pie look delicious?
Here's the recipe yummy looking pie recipe. 
I'm also thinking about trying this recipe from Martha Stewart:
Now does this tub base make you think of apple pie too?
Doesn't this bathroom look so tranquil?
Such a simple classic design, can't go wrong with this one.   
Mmmm.... pie!
One last mile high apple pie recipe I'm consider: another yummy pie recipe. (Usually I look at a few different recipes read the comments and then mash up the recipes into one.) If you've got a trusted recipe, please send it to me!

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