1 fab floating marble vanity 2 ways

Bet you were expecting to see the fab floating marble vanity. Well, it's from this gorgeous house in Argentina. At first I was only going to post the photos of the vanity and do a "Which do you prefer?" post, but then I thought, wait! They really need to see the outside of this house. It's so fantastic. Oh, that pool, I want, no I need that pool! One lap of this pool in the morning and my exercise would be done. At night I'd sit on the upstairs balcony, sip something yummy and watch the stars.
If I had this house I'd be picking fruits from my backyard and blending up
delicious healthy smoothies ever day no doubt about it.
How cool are these grass lined stairs:

So we'll do a bit more snooping around my future abode in Argentina, and then
we'll head to the bathrooms to check out the marble vanities.


Killer spiral staircase! Makes me think of a cruise ship, especially with
the round skylight and metal railing.
The first bathroom is wrapped in wall to wall white and grey Carrera marble tiles and has a super sleek toilet and bidet. I love the look of these tall black framed windows in the shower. They really highlight the height of the ceilings in this bathroom.
Now let's see those vanities!
I just realized that this first vanity might not be part of the bathroom above as the flooring is completely different. So either the vanity is in it's own separate room or is a completely different bathroom or maybe they changed up the flooring around the vanity area.
Which ever the case, let's now compare these 2 floating vanities:
The first floating vanity is made of Carrera marble and is paired up with wood flooring and a matching wood floating shelf to store magazines and such.
The next floating vanity is the exact same design as the first one, right down to the oval cutout. The mirror, lighting and wallmount faucet are also identical to those in the bathroom above.
Besides the floating vanity being made out of a different marble, they also added marble on the wall bellow the sink, didn't add a shelf under the vanity and have matching marble tiles on the floor.
(on a side  note, I really like the simple little marble shelf in the shower.)
 The clear winner for me is the second bathroom.
I think the marble in the 2nd bathroom is spectacular. The colors & pattern are stunning. The fact that they carried the marble onto the back wall behind the vanity and matched up the vein pattern perfectly with the marble floor tiles really takes the design up a notch. I find that the other bathroom's combination of wood flooring, white walls and marble vanity looks so ordinary compared to this one. I also like that they left out the floating shelf in the second bathroom. It looks cleaner and doesn't distract from the design of the floating vanity. If they really wanted a shelf underneath I'd add one the same thickness as the shelf in the shower (about 2 inches) and make it out of clear resin so you can still see all of the gorgeous marble.
Which vanity set up do you like better? The 1st or the 2nd?
House info:
Gomez+Veloso - Nuñez, Capital Federal - Buenos Aires, Argentina 


Anonymous said...

I like the 1st setup. Magazines always come in handy next to paper rolls :).

Although the 2nd setup is nice and clean.

mikky said...

Hahahaha....that is true! Always good to have a few magazines in the loo!