Feature wall ideas for round mirrors

Just the other day I admitted my latest obsession with big round mirrors (in this post: here). I can't get enough of them. I love the look of a huge circular mirror with a simple gold or copper edge. Now these mirrors are gorgeous enough to stand out on a plain white wall, but if you really want them to shine a dramatic wall is a must. It'll guarantee that every time someone steps into your bathroom you'll hear them Oooooing and Ahhhhing.
Here are a few feature wall inspirations to consider.
Now not all the mirrors in these photos are gorgeous big circle mirrors, most here are
average sized round mirrors, but they give us some idea of how the larger ones will look.
First stop, the most luxurious wall treatment of them all:
Nothing is more mega drama-glama than a wall of marble.
These round mirrors are holding their own pretty nicely on this gorgeous wall.

The sky is the limit for choices in wallpaper, let your imagination go wild.
Just like with the marble, I'd want to choose a wallpaper that is dramatic. Something a bit out of the ordinary, something with personality.

Ok, this next wallpaper is a bit on the ordinary side for my taste, however, I thought I'd include it because the bathroom has a nice country feel to it.
Tiled wall
Tiles is another great option, but a bigger commitment then wallpaper. It really depends on the look and feel you are going for. A classic subway tile with matching or contrasting grout lines would work for a Scandinavian look. My favorite is mosaics. The black one below is a real stunner and really makes the bathroom look incredibly chic, masculine and timeless.

Square mosaic tiles combo of matte and glossy tiles.
The pendant lighting in this bathroom is absolutely perfect.

Marble tile - could also do a combo of marble and glass mosaic tile. A light grey, white, clear and milky glass is a nice combo and would probably stand the test of time compared to some other marble and glass combos I've seen.

Penny tiles - another timeless look and popular choice.
Wood panelling
Half painted wall and tiled  backsplash
Instead of tiles wainscoting or a half wall of wallpaper or marble could be other
variations on this look. 
These are just a few examples of different wall treatments to make a round
mirror pop. It's hard to beat that gorgeous marble wall or the black mosaic one!
Do you have a favorite?
And do you prefer the round mirror being on a backdrop that has circle shaped tiles or a soft curve design that matches the roundness of the mirror OR do you rather the background be more of a contrast to the circle shape of the mirror by using squares or sharp lines?
btw, here's the link to the post on large round mirrors so you can see what they are like:
images via: mpettes, and others

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