Bring on the colorful bathrooms!

Oh it looks so dreary and bitterly cold outside. I am suppose to go out later but am putting it off for the silliest of reasons, I have to top up my windshield washer fluid if I want to drive anywhere. For the past 3 days I have been driving with the little windshield washer light on telling me I need to fill up, but I have been ignoring it. I really should have topped it up when I was nice and toasty from sitting in my car, but I didn't. Worst of all I have a big bottle of windshield washer fluid behind my front seat, so there really is no reason for me not to. Yup my dears, I'm being majorly lazy. 
So what does this have to do with today's post you ask? Well with all this dreary weather it's so important to add some color and brightness to our interiors to keep the spirits up!
I love the cheerful look of these colorful bathrooms. Stepping into any one of these would surely help chase the winter blahs away. I think that first bathroom with it's little hexagon blue tiled walls is just so much fun. The red towels and gold washstands really make the tiles pop even more. I find it's a very elegant & modern use of color in the bathroom. And oh this fuchsia floor in the bathroom bellow is just such unexpected girly bliss.

Now I'm not suggesting you rip up your bathroom tiles and throw up a rainbow of colors, but adding a splash of color here and there couldn't hurt. Maybe pull out those colorful hand towels you keep for summer time, get some bright little accessories, change up the shower curtain to one with a punch of color or add some bright soaps with tropical scents. Anything to add some brightness and liveliness to bring in the feeling of summer and sunshine and put a bounce in your step before you have to bundle yourself up in scarves and tuques. 

images via more from my files of uncategorized bathroom photos


Maui Tech Girl said...

I really love the fuchsia tiles, any idea where to purchase them?

mikky said...

Hi Maui Tech Girl,

First, what a great name and if you live in Maui then I am crazy jealous girl!

I love the look of those tiles too. Off hand I don't know where you can purchase them. However, if you are not in a rush rush, I will do some searching for you to see if I can't find them or something similar. Am a bit swamped with work and party planning for this weekend, so if you could check back next Tuesday I will have tried to find it and will post a comment saying hopefully what I have found. Or you can send me your email address (send to and I will email you what I have found.

Thanks for stopping by!