Tub with a view: Garden gazing

This looks like the perfect bathroom to read the latest Bridget Jones novel. Romantic,
relaxing and such a pretty view of the garden from the tub.


image via: agent bauer

Tub base Tuesday: See thru tub

Clearly this is an original bathtub!
It would be fun to fill this tub with bottles of champagne like Kevin Sharkey did in
his bathroom (here) or float flowers in it or dare we wash it really, really well and
fill it with layers of different flavors of jello?
What would you fill this tub with for fun?
images via: imgur

Flower power: The prettiest flower mosaic tiles

Sorry for the late posting of this post, it was meant for Monday, but I have been having problems with Blogger, almost every time I went to upload a photo my file of photos became unresponsive, the screen went black and I got booted out of my post. It got to the point where the computer popped up a message saying it was shutting down the site because it was having too many problems! Has anyone had this happen to them or know how to fix it? It's still happening, but I'm still going to try to write my posts and google a solution, so there may still be more delays in my posting.

I've been a bit under the weather this past weekend, was a shame because the sun was blazing and I was dying to go outside and enjoy it, but my body said otherwise. So in the house I stayed all weekend. I had planned to go do a bit of shopping and some tile scouting. Previously I mentioned I was looking for some clear glass tiles to put on a shower ceiling, but after I saw a bunch I realized they just wouldn't work, that they'd make the ceiling look like it belonged in a hospital. Not the look we're going for! Instead the look we're going for is something soft, a bit romantic, timeless and subtle but still fresh and chic. Oh and it has to blend, I don't want it to shout out when you walk in the bathroom, I want it to match with the ceiling and be a detail that you notice afterwards. I want it to be like when you step into a beautiful Parisian room and you notice the pretty molding details on the ceiling but they don't grab your attention they just elevate the overall feeling of the room. Tall order, but then I remembered a tile I had seen online and always go back to look at because I find it so pretty. Why I didn't think of these before I don't know, because originally, I wanted to put a floral design tile on the shower floor but couldn't find one that was right.
So now I need to find a showroom near me that stocks the New Ravenna, Jacqueline beauties. Cross your fingers for me that they aren't insanely expensive and that they work perfectly. I want to get this creamy version of the floral mosaic:

This red and green floral pattern is nice too, they make me think of European needlework and Prussian dolls for some reason.

I had one more photo to put here, but Blogger keeps having problems, I've tried 10 times now and am giving up! Ack, hate computer problems!!!

Jacqueline, a jewel glass waterjet mosaic shown in Ruby, Sardonyx, Citrine, Olivine and Malachite
I think they should come out with a version where the flowers are in
different shades of pink and maybe also lilac purples.

This color pink for the petals combined with a white center and white
leaves would be gorgeous.


Which is your favorite combinations?
images via: new Ravenna

Tub with a view: Last moments of winter

To celebrate the end of winter and the arrival of spring, lets grab the glass of wine, slip into this gorgeous stone tub and take a sip as we watch the snow finally melt away! Hoorah!

image via: dustjacket attic

50 healthy habits every girl should have

I popped on Pinterest last night and saw this list. Thought it was pretty good so I wanted to share it. I googled #42 because I didn't know why you'd do that. Here's the reason they say you should consider drinking liquid chlorophyll:
'Easily digestible, liquid chlorophyll is rich in calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, selenium, zinc and potassium and also contains vitamins A, C and E. Considered a whole food, liquid chlorophyll purifies the blood and removes toxins from the digestive system." The list of benefits goes on so I've included the link to the full slideshow bellow.
Recommended Dosage
"Taking liquid chlorophyll on an empty stomach is recommended so that assimilation isn’t slowed down by other foods. Overdosing on liquid chlorophyll isn’t possible since it is essentially, a vegetable. Nevertheless, adding 1-3 tablespoons of liquid chlorophyll to one glass of water or juice is recommended."
What's it made out of:
"Liquid chlorophyll which is sold in health food stores is either extracted from alfalfa, algae, spirulina, wheatgrass or barley grass. Known as “green drinks,” fresh juices which are made from a combination of these sources cleanse the body of pollutants, provide quick energy and have an overall rejuvenating effect on the body."
To read the rest go here:
Also read this article, especially the last paragraph:
There's also this article, I have to read, I'm linking it here so I go back to it and
if you want to check it out too:
Here's another version of the 50 list with little explanations for each, here however,
some are in the wrong order, the little write up on chlorophyll is #24 even though it's still  #42 on the list.

Celebs in tubs: Lindsay Lohan

Have you watched Oprah's reality series starring Lindsay Lohan? When I first heard about the reality show I was disappointed. I thought, what is going on here. Why does it seem that the more people mess up their lives, the more they are showered (no pun intended this being a bathroom design blog and all) with opportunities. Why oh why is it that the people who try to get ahead in life by working hard are usually the ones that get stepped on by the greedy, back stabbing peeps & that the people who mess up their lives and do tons of crap, that they knew was wrong from the get go, get second chances handed to them on a silver platter? It just doesn't seem fair. We all know that life isn't really fair, but sometimes you think to yourself, Wow, if I was just a bit cuter, came out with a sex tape, walked around drinking in the middle of the afternoon, said mean and hurtful stuff to other people I might be able to pull in $250k plus sponsorship from a reality show. Why did I go to school and get a big education and their collection of handbags cost more than what I make in a year? What a world we live in I tell you!
Ok, enough of my ranting. I did think Lindsay Lohan was a good little actress in the day. I think she should aim for some small roles in mainstream movies, a role like Tom Cruise's Les Grossman character in Tropical Thunder could help to get her back on the map. Focus on that for a year or two to get the public back on her side. And see if she could get a  role as a cartoon character. She's got a good voice, I think she'd do well in an animated series. I do wish her the best of luck, it's just annoying that's all.
You can check out the trailer to her reality series Lindsay here.

Tub base Tuesday: Pimp my tub

If they were pimping out tubs on the Pimp my Ride show, it would look like
this. Ok, it would need a few additional features to be pimp worthy.
Namely, it would need:
some flames
some sound
some tech
a wild color
mirrors, mirrors, mirrors!
. So to turn this tub into the complete pimped out package, we'd have to add:
 A fireplace to the wall,
A flat screen tv dropping down from the ceiling so both
bathers can watch with their heads comfortably lying on those sweet head rests.
If there are some water proof gaming controls we could throw those in
too. How fun would it be to play video games in the tub?
Plus we need some surround sound and some mood lighting, however I do
see that this tub has the chromo feature so that the water can change colors.
While we're at it a mini fridge would be nice, cause who'd want to get out of this tub! Ok, enough pimping the tub for the day.This definitely would be one party tub! 
image via: unknown

Fun Zara Home bath accessories

I love these fun, kitchy and tropical bathroom accessories from Zara bath collection. 
If these candles smell half as good as they look they are sure to be fantastic. 

Patchwork tile bathroom floors

Last week we looked at patchwork pattern tiles on the walls (you can check out that post here), this week I thought we'd check out some bathrooms with patchwork floor tiles. It's a really great look.
My favorite combination is still modern details paired with patchwork tiles. I find the modern details keep the look very fresh and the patterned tiles add alot of personality. This next bathroom is a perfect example of that look. The all black bathroom with the gold lighting and that amazing black tub looks so masculine and chic, then Pow! You look at the floor and say Wow, now this is original!
The details in this next bathroom are sensational. Look at that sink, that tub, now that floor! I love the soft color combination of these gorgeous tiles:
Now for something more rustic:
These tiles even work for a very elegant bathroom:
And some more great pattern tiled floors:
 Starting to get into patchwork tiles too? To see more check out this post:

Tub with a view: A thin slice of paradise

Ok, it's not the best photo, but Oooo la la what we see is pretty sweet. Turquoise blue waters and
a lounger just steps away from the tub, I'll take it!
image via: jetsetter

Waffle cone ice cream cone light pendants

I love these ice cream cone pendant lights. They might be dangerous for me to hang in my bathroom, I think I'd always be craving ice cream. The chocolate dipped edge looks so real, too real, I could end up getting quiet the shock licking that thing! 
I can't decide which of these is my favorite, they all look delicious. I think
these ice cream lights
would be fun for a kids' bathroom.
images via: alex garnett

Mix matched patchwork pattern tile bathrooms

A few days ago I shared some photos I took of mixed pattern tiles (in this post: here), well today I thought we could look at a few bathrooms that use these style tiles. I think they are pretty fab.
These bathrooms are really one of a kind and make a bold statement. Plus, there's no need for magazines since there's so much to look at ;)
Very rustic, Tuscan vibe to the next bathroom:
Now you could go balls to the walls and tile the entire bathroom in mixed
pattern tiles like this:
Or you could just get a free sample from every tile store you go to and do a
freebie backsplash for your sink like this:
Patchwork pattern tiles also look great in more modern bathrooms like these:
I love the color combination of the tiles and the modern vanity above. I think I'd change the mirror thought, I'd go with a bigger one and something more modern, probably with a white or silver frame instead of this natural wood frame.
I think this bathroom is the perfect blend of minimalist and patchwork tiles. I love how the rest of the bathroom is white, white, white and the super modern faucets are a great contrast to the hodge podge tiles on the feature wall.
If you're loving the look of patchwork tiles, but want something more subtle, more neutral, then why not go for a mix match of all white or white and cream patchwork tiles like these:
Looking at all these patchwork tiles reminds me of when I was a kid and my Mom took up quilting. A lot of the patterns her and her friends did in their little quilt club would have made some pretty nice patchwork patterns for the bathroom. Not that they made to many quilts though, I think they spent most of the time chit chatting, gossiping, drinking tea and eating tasty little cakes!

Btw, if you want to check out the patchwork tiles I saw
this weekend, check out this post: