Tub with a view: Stripes in One Direction


A little late posting this week's tub with a view, was busy, busy shopping and digging out of the snow! Are you about done with all your xmas shopping? I only have a few little extra gifts to get, the major stuff is now done, Yippeee!!! Had some great luck this weekend finding a few cool gifts. Totally scored in one store, came out feeling like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, loaded down with bags and bags of gifts.
Now enough of my babbling, what about this tub? I love the combination of the modern stripes, high gloss white paint with the vintage tub.  The pairing of the intricate detail on the tub feet with such sleek graphic stripes is a real winner. I could picture this tub in a music video for One Direction. Can't you just picture their heads popping up all lined up on the edge of the tub, Harry spitting out his pink toothbrush and they all start singing? Then climbing out of it belting away, hmmmmm, maybe they should each be wearing a different colour towel to match the stripes, or fluffy plain white ones, the boys in towels, girls would be hitting replay on that video over and over and over.
Where do you think this view is? My money is a penthouse somewhere in London.

image via: unknown

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