Tub base Tuesday: Teak tub with a pull out side table

This tub base design makes me think of a coffee table in my aunt's apartment. When I was little I called it the cheese table. It's a small round wooden table with orange triangle shaped stools that are stored underneath. As a kid I used to like to take out all the stools and form them into their perfect little orange cheese wedge circle. It was one of my favorite things to do when visiting my aunt and uncle at their apartment, that and swimming in the indoor pool.
This bathtub design is very glamorous but still has a modern vibe. The pull out side table is a great detail, perfect to use as a bench to sit on while washing the dog or great to stack on some bottles of bubble bath, salts and bath time reading. The wood looks like teak, which is pretty low maintenance.
For another great teak bathtub design, check out this post:
(btw, wait till you see the wallpaper in that bathroom! It's pretty great.)

image via: unknown

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