Tub base Tuesday: It's all about the little details

Maybe you're feeling a little disappointed by this week's tub base. After all last week we looked at a tub that levitates. So I bet  you are looking at this tub thinking "Mikky, so what! It's a beige tiled tub base, yawn. We've seen plenty of those before." I know I know, but listen up, it's worth looking at believe me. Pssst....I gave you a hint why in the post title.
I selected this tub today for one little reason...the corner. Just look at that corner, see how they squared it off? Don't you think it looks so good? 99.9% of the time tub bases have sharp corners. Making the corner like this softens up the look a lot. I can already see some peoples heads start to whirl....I'm betting a few of you are thinking "now what if I put some small little mosaic tiles at the corner like this or get a long strip of marble cut to put on the corner like this? See? This tub may not be levitating like last week's but I bet a lot more people will be copying and adapting this design for their bathroom.
Also note the nice little accent of the strip of grey thin rectangular tiles around the tub. This tub ain't so boring after all right? :)
If you want to compare the look of sharp corners to these corners, you can take a look at
 the sharp corners on this stunner of a marble tub:
image via: elan designs

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