Look what I found: a chic little mirrored vanity

Was out doing some gift shopping when I stumbled upon this beauty. It is a very glam little mirrored vanity, wish I had a use for it or knew someone redoing their bathroom right now! It's such a great price for everything you get. It already includes the sink and faucets and the countertop is a delicious creamy stone so it would be a major score.
What I like best about this vanity is that the feet are also mirrored, most of the time you see them covered in wood. For sure the wood is more practical cleaning wise, but I just find the mirroring adds a nice little detail.

I snapped some photos of the product info in case you want to track down one of these beauties for yourself. Here is the company's website: here. If any of you get one, please as usual send me some photos! You know how I love a pretty vanity.

This vanity reminds me a bit of the mirrored antique vanity in the bathroom designed by the super chic team of Woodson & Rummerfield in this post:
Vanity manufacturer:here 
images via: todaloos

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