His and Her copper stew pot sinks

I did a double take when I saw these copper pot sinks. What a great idea! Such a fun conversation piece and so unique. The handles on the sides of the pots are practical too, you can hang a hand towel off them. Crisp white hand towels would look great. Towels with a fruit or vegetable motif or kitchen towels with vintage designs would also be fun to use.
The only thing I would want to change in this bathroom is the white plastic piping. I think it would add to the design if they had put copper piping.
Or to hide the plastic plumbing and to play up the kitchen look of the sinks while adding a little French flare (which would go nicely with the details on the vanity) I would fit French baguette baskets around them. Something like these would work beautifully:
This round one would be great. You'd still see some of the piping but the wicker pattern would distract the eye enough I think. (If it doesn't a few strips of pretty material could be woven thru the basket or more wicker added.)
These rectangular ones would hide the piping completely if faced backwards. You wouldn't get as much of the baguette basket feel with these, but I'm sure they would look nice too.
The weave of these baskets would look spectacular under the vanity. Maybe you'd have to cut them a bit to fit the piping which would be a pity because they are so pretty.
Otherwise you could cut tall rattan hampers or some type of straw baskets to
fit around the plumbing and effectively hide it.
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