Amazing ski cabin bathroom mosaics

This picturesque ski lodge in Italy has the most fun and perfect mosaic shower tiles I've ever seen for a country retreat. I'm sure you will love them too. Now I'm going to be a meanie and save those pictures for last, cause they are my favorite feature in this cottage. I scoured the net to find more photos of the bathrooms but had no luck. If you've seen any bathroom photos from this cabin elsewhere please let me know. I'm dying to see more of the shower tile designs.
First thought, lets take a look at the rest of this ski lodge. There are so many fun little unique details throughout. I could definitely see myself enjoying spending a ski weekend here. I'd pack up a Costco size container of Godiva hot chocolate and bags of marshmallows and lots of comfy woolly socks.
These fur covered chairs would be the perfect place to plop down and massage my feet after a day of bushwhacking. I need a driftwood tree like this for my place.
The front door, decked in that perfect velvety plaid bow, opens to the quintessential mix of plaid, antlers and rustic touches like this tree stump entrance table.
Entrance Tree trunk table by Cumini
Forget no carbs, give me a stick of butter and I could eat all these delicious rustic breads. There must be a few sticks of butter inside that wood panelled fridge. I like how they panelled the fridge to blend in with the cabinets and kept the red oven and vent the focal point.  

Now with all the antler accents everywhere I would have thought they would have real deer heads, so I was pleasantly surprised to see these tapestry deer heads. Much prettier, sweeter and more interesting too I think.
French tapestry stags
This guy with his funky, chunky eyebrows and eyelashes reminds me of one of my past law professors. He had the bushiest eyebrows and the best sense of humor.
Off to the dining room we go...
Could you picture a better dining room table then this for a rustic cabin? I don't think so!
These vintage ski drawings on the dishes are the perfect touch.
And what ski lodge would be complete without an antler framed mirror?
Now, lets take a look at the piece de resistance. The bathroom. Well more
specifically the shower tile.
This is the only full photo there is of the bathroom.
We can see most of the bathroom, however, I would have liked a better look at the vanity, mirror and a close up of the designs on the towels. I can't make out what they are. I'm thinking the embroidery matches the squirrel design in the shower. I'd love to see how they tiled the other shower wall. I'm wondering if they did it all in green mosaic tiles or did another pattern or maybe they kept the focus on the squirrel wall and did the other wall in plain white tiles. Hope we get to find out one day. Ok, enough of my babbling, you've got to see how cute these mosaics are! There are 3 different animal designs.
What a great mosaic! I love it when people step outside of the box and do original designs like this. This shower design really adds a big Wow factor to this bathroom. Who wouldn't love showering with this cutie squirrel.
Here's a close up of that adorable squirrel.
Then there is this gorgeous stag head mosaic in another bathroom.
(I'm guessing all the bathrooms look alike as there weren't any other bathroom photos.)
And finally this sweet looking brown bear.
Would you look at this guy's adorable eyes!!! He looks like he must be looking at a giant honey factory & thinking he has found heaven. His eyes just look so dreamy.
 Don't you just love these mosaics?
Which animal mosaic is your favorite?
The Squirrel
The Stag
The Bear?

images via: stefanos cata (Cà de Nani,Cortina d'Ampezzo)

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