6 of my favorite outdoor showers

The more we head into winter, the more I think about gorgeous outdoor showers. Ahhh, what a treat it would be to stand under one of these beauties after a long blissful day at the beach or swimming in the pool. Hey, I'm not fussy, pool, beach, both, all sounds good to me. If you have a summer home or live in a hot climate, then an outdoor shower can become a reality, so why not make it as spectacular as possible? Create your own private outdoor oasis. It really doesn't take much to create a breathtaking look, they are all basically a combination of cement and pebbles, so really, why not make a statement?
Here are some of my favorite outdoor showers:
Modern chic outdoor shower:

The dual showers above is from architect West Chin's Long Beach home. What's super cool about it, is that there's a retractable roof so it's both an indoor and outdoor shower. The perks of being an architect - coming up with fun details to add to your own home.
Aloha, welcome to paradise outdoor shower:
Aren't the flowers so pretty? When I think of a perfect romantic, tropical shower, this one fits the bill 100%. It has me dreaming of late night showers in Hawaii with the fragrance of hibiscus flowers scenting the air.

Spiral beach shower:
This one has me thinking of the beaches of Bahamas for some reason. Can't you just picture draping your colorful beach towel on the edge of this shower?

Shower maze:
How fun does this shower look? I can just picture little kids running thru
here screaming their lungs out.

Handyman's wooden outdoor shower
I really like the look of the round shower floor and how the lush greenery provides the perfect privacy. All I'd need is a soap on a rope to enjoy this great shower.

Got a favorite from these 6?

image via: euro style lighting, ny mag, visionary wildspacious planet, houzzcontemporist

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