12 round bathroom vanity mirrors

I'm not sure if I've featured the mirror above in a post before. It is one of my all time favorite mirrors so I always keep it in my files. It is so simple and elegant. If ever I see one in person I am going to grab it and run! Doesn't it make you think of Tuscany or some picturesque little village that has pretty flowers growing everywhere, women wearing flowing dresses in summery colors or some romantic setting like that? This mirror feels like a wooden interpretation of a classic Venetian mirror.
Today I thought we'd look at a few round and oval mirrors to put over the bathroom vanity. There is just something so pretty and feminine about a round mirror. Round mirrors compared to square or rectangular ones often give a bathroom an added touch of warmth and feminine feel.


I'd say most bathrooms have a square of rectangular mirror so using a round or oval one adds a little something special.

As cute as I find this next mirror, it is much to small for me. I like to have a large mirror over the sink so you can do a full check the teeth, check the hair, touch up the face, see that you don't have mustard on your top once over.

Now this is more like it!
This is my style of round mirror; large, impactful, simple and stunning.
Also love that they used a table lamp in the bathroom.

So what do you think? Do you agree that these oval and round mirrors add a
little feminine touch?
images via: lonny magazine, adlsf, homemade in heaven, .susan glick interiors, modern findings

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