White and grey Wisconsin washrooms

Ever drive by a house and wonder what the inside looks like? Ever see a house you have been dying to see the inside of go up for sale and you go on the realtor site just so you can finally see what the inside looks like? I've done this plenty of times. There have been homes I bicycled by hundreds of times as a kid or passed every day on the way to work that suddenly went up for sale. It's always so interesting to see the inside. Not once did the house ever look the slightest like what I imagined in my head. Some interiors were really surprising. Like they say you should never judge a book by it's cover, same usually goes with homes.
Well in the case of these 2 homes it's the opposite, the exteriors and the bathrooms are a perfect match. They are so perfectly matched I've got to wonder if the owners favorite colours are grey and more grey and if these 2 houses were bought by twins because they are extremely similar!
Here are the bathrooms for the grey and white shingle home featured above. 
It's a nice change to see a bathtub placed in this direction. You've gotta have a
pretty big bathroom to do this thought.

And here's grey and white shingle house #2....
(btw, they are both by the same architect).

So which house's bathrooms do you like better?
House 1's or House 2's bathrooms?

Homes situated in Lake Geneva II, Wisconsin
images via: hickman interiors

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