Tub with a view: Basking in the mini palms

Hope you had a relaxing weekend. This weekend flew by, it was a lot of fun, busy busy. I would have loved to lie in a tub like this come Sunday night. It would be the perfect way to wind down. The view of these gorgeous plants must be enchanting at night too.
This tub with a view was taken by photographer Derek Swalwell. I've added a few other
non-bathroom photos of his that I love.  
Doesn't this kitchen look like something out of a fairy tale? Makes me think this is Alice in Wonderland's kitchen where they baked up all the goodies for the tea parties.
 I kept going back to look at this living room photo. Something about it, it looks so relaxing, fresh and timeless at the same time. I just love it.
These zebras with their cute little bangs are just adorable.
Wish I had a bookshelf like this:
And isn't this room cool?

image via: 2cnames, derek swalwell

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