no 7 bathroom

This is one cool bathroom. It looks pretty big. It looks like the bathroom a rock musician would have. I picture after a concert the drummer and his mates, angry that the owner of the club gypped them of their payment for the gig, the group decides to sneak back later, early in the morning and take something as payment. They are a bit, shall we say happy, so they get daring. The lead singer has the brilliant idea that to curse the pub owner they will take away the 7, lucky number seven obviously and the club will go down the tubes. Ahh-mazing! The band members say. So they climb up the side of the building, one on top of each other, legs, Aerosmith scarves, curses and snickers are blowing in the wind. Then after almost falling off the building, almost dropping the 7, smashing a few lights, they get it unhooked and lower it to the street using their belts tied together. They try to hail a cab, but no one wants to pick them up, so 2 of the guys carry the tail end, one guy the front and the other a box of pizza, they still don't know how he got the box. As they run down the street they have to keep pulling up their pants that keep falling down. Anyways that's what I like to imagine is the story behind the number seven in this bathroom.
A number one or number two might have been funnier to have in the bathroom to go along with the other sign. Or if there were 2 really skinny zeros, 007, that would have been cool too. Check out that toilet. It's very different, makes me think of an outhouse toilet.

images via: behance

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