Missoni towels

 If there's one thing that can make any bathroom look instantly chic-er it's by adding a Missoni towel or a whole set of them. They just give the perfect pop of color and style to a bathroom. These towels always seem to steal the show! 
Missoni towels look more like pieces of art hanging in your bathroom then simple bath and hand towels. A set of colorful Missoni towels are definitely on my wish list. I remember when Missoni did a collab with Target, I was dying to get a set. I really wanted the Passione chevron towels, they were so gorgeous (here's a photo of one if you're interested: Here) but they were sold out instantly! Ack! my sweet little towels are hanging in someone else's bathroom right now sniff, sniff...;)
Don't you find that these Missoni towels just look so good against the Carrera marble? My favorite Missoni pattern is their trademark chevron pattern, isn't it everyone's? I love the purple, blue, orange and black chevron towel on the bottom left.

What's also great about Missoni towels is that the pattern is unisex, no complaining from the guys that the towels are too girly. A bunch of my guy friends also have Missoni towels on their wish lists too.

Aren't Missoni towels just gorgeous? Will you be adding them to your wish list too?

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