Fornasetti Tema e Variazioni wallpaper bathrooms

This Fornasetti wallpaper of the many face of Lina is so perfect to use in a bathroom or powder room. You can really enjoy looking at all the different incarnations of Lina Fornasetti created. The wallpaper was supposedly discontinued  for awhile, but thankfully it looks like they've brought it back.
The design of the first bathroom is so well thought out. Using an open washstand instead of a solid vanity doesn't block out any of this gorgeous wallpaper. A floating vanity would also work as you'll see in the very last photo of this post. And the big white floor tiles are nice and neutral so they don't compete with the busy wallpaper or overwhelm the eye.The designer was also really smart, instead of wallpapering all the walls they put a floor to ceiling mirror on one wall reflecting back the pattern, it adds a lot of depth to the feel of the bathroom. Notice that they also wallpapered the ceiling. Wallpapering the ceiling adds to the fun of this bathroom. It looks like you are inside a decorative shoe box.
Are you loving this wallpaper?
Doesn't it make  you want to go wallpaper a cute little powder room?

Tema e Variazioni wallpaper is available here. It comes in the 3 colors in the photos above, grey, beige and red. Wish they had a few other color choices. I think blue, green, pink, silver and gold would all be chic. A patterned background, such as stripes, floral or Malecite would be interesting too, not sure if it would be way too busy thought.
And to discover more of the enchanting world of Fornasetti go here.
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