Adding a touch of pink to the bathroom

Ever since we looked at that modern pink bathroom (here) I have become a bit obsessed with the idea of adding a touch of pink or two in one of our bathrooms. I think I'll start with some pretty pink towels or maybe some pink and white striped Turkish towels like the ones bellow.
If you're sharing a bathroom with a manly man, I think the key is to starting small.
Like maybe adding a few pink flowers...
or a bar or 2 of pink soap never hurt anyone.
Why not paint the ceiling pink? Will he notice that?
He can't argue with you using a cute pink towel and if you get the biggest, fluffiest ones you can find, he'll probably want to use them too.

If would be fun to add some pink curtains with pompom details like these.
I need some pompoms back in my life. These pommpie curtains are perfect. The shade of pink reminds me of a Benetton pink lemonade  sweater I used to have. It was one of my favorites, until I washed it in the wrong temperature and shrunk it to dog sweater size, if only I'd known a cute chihuahua to give it to.

A little pink paint can be subtle too.

Pink floral wallpaper would also be nice. And look at that gold washstand! Vava-va-voom!
A pink, gold and white color combo is so hot right now.
These pink subway tiles look very similar to the ones above the sink in this other post:

Chic pink art shades like these would also look gorgeous.

And again, just like in the previous post, long pink subway tiles work great in the shower.

So what do you say - thinking about adding a few touches of pink to your
bathroom like I am?

images via: tapjahome designing, red online, enmi espacio vitalhouse to home, unknown, furniture site, malofamerica, nordic design, home edit


Anonymous said...

I love all these girly pinks! Want one of these rose soap bottles for my bathroom.


mikky said...

Hi Felicite,
I love those bottles too, every time I see this brand in the shops I want to pick up one bottle in every colour they are just so simple and chic!

Thanks for commenting. Have a great rest of the day.