Tub with a view: Zen it to me

Don't you just hate super rich people sometimes?

I mean look at this tub, look at this view. Jealousy has a face, and it looks like mine looking at this photo!! Love this tub, it looks so incredibly relaxing and modern. If this were my tub, I'd nix the wooden shelving to the left, I'm more into the clean, modern look, however, if you're into the zen style, it does go perfectly. Ack, I could stare at that view all day. I'd slap on a seaweed mask and soak away, no need for incense, herbal teas or a gang of monks doing meditation hanging off a hilltop, this view is enough to relax me.

image via: unknown. Sorry, lately my tub with a views have all had unknown sources, I have a bunch I didn't keep track of the sources. Bad, bad.

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