Tub with a view: City night soak

I yi yi, how magnificent is this tub?!!
It's a super soaker for the modern Donald Trump. All this delicious stone is killing me. Look at those gorgeous veins and patterns on the tub, and these wall to wall tiles, just breathtaking.
It is such a stunner. I can't even imagine how much this tub must cost. Did you notice it has two sets of faucets plus a standing faucet! Why so many faucets? Maybe they're to fill up the tub faster? I wonder if there is a partition so each person can have a different water temperature. Now that's living in luxury!
I'd love to know what city this tub is in. Anyone recognize the buildings outside?
I'm just dying to see what the rest of this bathroom looks like. I bet it has an unbelievable shower too!
image via: miss zeit

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