Tub base Thursday: Oval elegance

So it looks like we might just be switching our Tub base Tuesday posts to Tub base Thursday posts, I just always seem to be in the mood to do a post on tub bases on Thursdays and am a bit lazy about them on Tuesdays. Well at least it still rhymes and I'm not doing them on Wednesdays or Fridays, that wouldn't sound right at all. So on to this divine tub....
This is the type of bathtub that you lie in eating fancy potted jams on freshly baked English crumpets and have a little brass bell on the edge of the tub next to you in order to ring Jeeves up to top off your cuppa tea. Oh and you'd probably be reading a Jane Austen novel too while darling Darcy scrubs your back.

image via: live beautifully

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