Shower wall tile design ideas

It can be daunting choosing a shower tile. It really makes an impact on the look of your bathroom. It's fun to add some colour or have a creative design, but then there is always the fear that you will end up hating it in a few years. So I thought today I'd pull together a few different shower tile designs. Tell me which you think will last the test of time...
I really like this combination bellow. The yellow and white tiles are so cheery, it's like stepping into a sunshine filled shower in the morning, which would be great for me! What I really like is that they didn't do both walls in the same tile. It looks so original, chic and doesn't feel overwhelming with all yellow tiles. Genius design.
Let's take a look at some more designs:

I also really like the look of massive tiles in the shower. Nice and neat and few grout lines means less scrubbing the shower walls. Sounds good to me!
 And you can never go wrong with simple white and grey Carrera marble tiles. The little boarder at the bottom adds a lot of style, almost makes me think of a Greek key pattern. This look will never go out of style.
Ooooo and who can resist perfectly matched up panels of marble? I think this next
one is one of my favorites.

I really like the look of these small grey rectangle tiles. I've been searching for some just like this in a creamy beige porcelain tile but haven't had any luck yet. These look both modern and classic. Love, love these.
 Have a favorite or is there one you just hate and could never live with?

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