Cowhide bathtubs and the next Got Milk ad campaign

Do these cowhide tubs mooooo-ve you? Find them udderly fabulous? Ok, I'll stop milking the cow jokes. When I was a kid I had a book full of cow jokes, unfortunately it's packed away in some box at my parents house, else I'd throw in a few here. It's not often cow jokes come in handy.
These cow themed tubs are pretty original. I'm not a big fan of the cow motif myself, but, I bet at least one Country music star has a tub like this!
Now that gives me an idea....
If I was coming up with the next "Got Milk?" ad I'd have Miranda Lambert lying in a tub like this with Blake Shelton standing next to the tub dressed in a cowboy themed robe holding a tray with cartons of milk on it. Or maybe even funnier would be if we replaced Miranda with Adam Levine lying in the tub or serving the milk to Blake. Can't decide which would be funnier. Of course the ultimate would be if the tub were filled with milk...hmmm there's an idea, have Miranda and Blake both in the tub, with milk mustaches and holding super long red straws in the tub. Or again, would it be funnier to have Blake and Adam in the tub with rubber duckies that look like Christina and CeeLo? Decisions, decisions...

So what do you think of these cowhide bathtubs?
images via: psc bath x 2, cote maison, luxury housing trends, seven hotel paris

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