Celebs in tubs: Patrick Dempsey

Alright, maybe a few of you are a bit disappointed that it's not a photo like Bruce Willis' celebs in tubs shot from last week ( you can check that one out here ), but you have to admit that McDreamy looks dapperly dreamy. 

Does this photo of Patrick Dempsey leave you feeling Enchanted? Or make you wish that it was Valentine's Day and he was getting ready to meet you in his white and black tux? 

Wish we could see more of this washroom, from the bit here it looks very pretty. Love the marble counter top, the little glass pull knobs on the vanity and if McDreamy could shuffle over a bit we could see more of that chic looking mirror, but as usual Patrick's luxurious locks steal the show. How does he get his hair looking so good? Look at that bounce! I think this is Patrick's best hair shot ever.

image via: unknown

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